Pip Boy updated

I found a place to order some decent looking lamp covers, previously I had used some orange LEGO pieces… yeah.

Anyway much more satisfied with the look now.

Also I painted my phone case for some reason.



Pip Boy 3000 Build Log



If this post seems oddly formatted – it is. I originally posted this to Google+ and have just compiled my posts into one page here with minimal editing.

15 Jul 2013

Began construction of a replica Pip-Boy 3000!


Cast available from Forge Props: http://forgeprops.bigcartel.com/product/pip-boy-3000

Have just begun cutting, this will have light & sound when complete.

IMAG0059 IMAG0058 IMAG0063 IMAG0062 IMAG0061 IMAG0064

20 Jul 2013

Some progress on the Pip Boy today. Used some Bondo fibreglass resin to build up the inside around the screen and where the hinge is attached to the lower part.

A lot of grinding with the Dremel to make space for the screen and other electronics.

Mounted the hinge and a piece of sheet metal opposite the magnetic latch (not shown).

Finally, assembled the .5 watt amplifier kit.

IMAG0072 IMAG0073 IMAG0074 IMAG0070

22 Jul 2013

More progress. Affixed an old nametag backing with rare earth magnets for latching. Painted inside with Rostoleum black engine block paint.

Outside primed with “Dark Steel” metallic primer. This paint actually looks overly metallic, not sure if the pictures reflect that. I will be brushing over it with a military green and attempting some weathering effects.

IMAG0076 IMAG0077

22 Jul 2013

Pip Boy halfs combined today. Primer’s dry so I started trying out some shades for the top coat.

Also now wearable!


26 Jul 2013

Pip Boy cosmetically finished. I think I put a solid three hours tonight just into painting.

Using a selection of acrylic paints I mixed up a military green with a generous amount of metallics. I applied this with a normal brush. Two or three coats and the coverage was good and my brush marks gone. As I did this I used a foam brush to remove the paint from higher areas, sometimes even scraping with the handle to expose the primer.

After getting a satisfactory primary colour I applied some very watered down black paint into the nooks and crannies to give some depth and dirty look.

Applied a solid metallic black to the dials.

Last I mixed up some rust colour and dry brushed the exposed primer areas. I was really happy how this turned out.

Tomorrow I meet a stranger from craigslist to purchase an HTC Desire C which is the perfect size and being Android can do crazy shit like landscape orientation lock.

For now I had to see it with a screen so I taped an iPod touch in there.

IMAG0088 IMAG0087

27 Jul 2013

Pip Boy work for today. Applied three coats of satin clear coat to protect the finish. Also used said clear coat as a kinf of glue to stick down the tiny rad meter I printed out.

I’m happy to report I was not shanked by my craigslist seller and obtained an HTC Desire C as planned. I unlocked it and flashed a google android rom on there enabling mostly seamless landscape operation.

Just working a bit on electronics while the clear coat sets.

IMAG0096 IMAG0097 IMAG0098 ZOE_0006 IMAGXX01

28 Jul 2013

Today I got to work cramming the goodies inside the Pip Boy. Everything barely fits but I’m happy with the look.

I just need to find or make a volume knob and find some decent fingerless gloves that do not cost $60.

IMAG0099 IMAG0100

3 Aug 2013

Pip Boy 100% complete!

I found another local electronics store which had good potentiometers and more importantly knobs for them. They also had a 0.25W 1-inch speaker which fit much better.

I found the incredibly accurate gloves at a military surplus store.

Now I’m making another one…

IMAG0122 IMAG0123 IMAG0124 IMAG0125 IMAG0129 IMAG0127